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Erlab Captair

The inventor of ductless filtering fume hoods. Flexible, affordable and safe. These hoods efficiently and safely handle chemicals that pose an inhalation risk. No ductwork, no energy use and your only truly Green option.

Re-circulating fume hoods are a safety device used to protect users when handling chemicals that pose an inhalation risk. They are self-contained and completely mobile. These hoods efficiently re-circulate the air within the room and release highly purified air back into the room free of toxic hazardous vapors and odors (complies with NFX 15 211:2009 and ASHRAE 110:1995 standards).

The CaptairFlex S/M Series fume hoods are designed for applications and laboratories that have limited space available and do not require the extra depth and filtration capacity of the larger XLS series. The XLS series is better suited for applications and laboratories that require a larger hood and filtration capacity.


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