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Are you searching for an affordable and accurate method for measuring density - specific gravity and alcohol concentration out in the brewery in both hot side and cold side applications?

Are you still using a hydrometer or refractometer for monitoring density?

Has a digital density meter been out of the budget or have you been worried about breaking it or find it time consuming to do the required sample prep?

Every brewery that has done a trial on the BeerSense MDM 150 from ISS has switched over to it because it is so much faster (no degassing needed), very rugged (can be dropped from 6 ft. and not break) and is more repeatable and faster than legacy technology. In short, a better mousetrap…

As mentioned in the below YouTube testimonial from Bell's Brewery, the MDM 150 has saved their operators about 60% of their time required to check gravities.

The price point of the MDM is also very attractive. The unit has an optional software package which allows you to sample and track each tanks' fermentation progress in a separate file. The data is in a spreadsheet file with the ability to graph directly in the program. ABV is calculated and displayed for each run.


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